The Dietrich Foundation is headquartered in the USX Tower, which is located near the center of downtown Pittsburgh.

Because all visitors to the USX Tower are required to be pre-registered with the security desk located in the building’s upper lobby, please contact the Foundation (412-261-2766) in advance of any visit. Parking is available to the public beneath the USX Tower.

The Dietrich Foundation
USX Tower
600 Grant Street, Room 5360
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15219
Telephone: 412-261-2766
Fax: 412-261-2439

Requests for grants should not be submitted

Because of the nature and design of The Dietrich Foundation, neither now nor in the future will there be any grant-making to any institution, entity or individual except to those charitable supported organizations that have been pre-determined by the Foundation’s governing instrument. Therefore, kindly note that no requests for grants should be submitted.