Advancing the

charitable vision of

William S. Dietrich II

Under the Foundation’s governing instrument, the assets of the Foundation are to be managed and invested in perpetuity, from which distributions will be made annually to the Foundation's supported organizations.

The primary mission of The Dietrich Foundation is to benefit higher education, principally in the greater Pittsburgh area, by providing ongoing and increasing financial support to six educational institutions that were important to Mr. Dietrich. However, the Foundation also provides ongoing and increasing financial support to nine other charitable beneficiaries in Western Pennsylvania for which Mr. Dietrich felt great fondness. In total, the Foundation’s fifteen supported organizations are listed below:


> Carnegie Mellon University


> University of Pittsburgh


> Thiel College


> Princeton University


> Duquesne University of the Holy Spirit


> Chatham University


> The Dietrich Foundation Community Fund

> of The Pittsburgh Foundation


> United Way of Allegheny County


> Carnegie Institute


> Laurel Highlands Council, Inc., Boy Scouts of America

> (formerly known as Greater Pittsburgh Council,

> Boy Scouts of America)


> Historical Society of Western Pennsylvania


> Pittsburgh Symphony, Inc.


> Pittsburgh Trust for Cultural Resources

> d/b/a Pittsburgh Cultural Trust


> The Dietrich Foundation Conneaut Lake, PA Fund

> of The Pittsburgh Foundation


> The Dietrich Foundation Greenville, PA Fund

> of The Pittsburgh Foundation




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